Are you running your business –
or is it running you?

Are you running your business –
or is it running you?

If it’s running you – then let me tell you how I can help you get back in control!


Do you know how I can help you run your business?
Have you heard of a Virtual Assistant (VA)?


Most small businesses or entrepreneurs don’t have a large budget for hiring additional staff, and often think that it would be more cost effective to do the work themselves rather than get the help they need. But they often don’t realise the implications of this until it’s too late, when they are unable to keep up with client demands, they struggle to manage their inbox, and don’t have time to schedule meetings or follow up new leads/business opportunities. As a result their business starts to suffer, there isn’t enough hours in the day, and they start to work into the evenings or over weekends to keep on top of everything!


Businesses owners can become stressed, frustrated and in some cases think about giving up on their business altogether.


So I want to raise awareness of an affordable solution which is available now – if you want to be able to keep on top of your admin, whether that’s managing your inbox, completing your expenses or travel planning, to name a few, then read on to find out more details of this great service, which is tailored to suit you and your business. You will soon discover that adding a Virtual Assistant to your team is a wise investment that will have long-term effects on your productivity, time management, stress and, ultimately, bottom line.



Is your schedule full of meetings, and you don’t have time to respond to client/prospect emails or calls in a timely manner?
• You can’t keep up with your email account; it’s a complete nightmare!
• Are you missing out on networking / new business opportunities due to your workload? There’s just not enough hours in the day…
• You’re putting off tasks that you don’t enjoy and so they pile up. Then when they really need to be done, you end up dealing with them in the evenings or over a weekend when you should really be spending this time with your family/friends, sleeping, or just relaxing! When did you last take some time off?
You’ve lost sight of your business goals, you’re doing so much admin, it’s taken over and you’ve lost sight of your original business plan.
• Are you being reactive with your travel plans? The flight you wanted to catch is fully booked, and leaves you with diary complications?



A VA is a highly skilled professional that is self-employed, and provides you with all the benefits of an office based Executive/Personal Assistant, but saves you money on office space, tax, national insurance and employee benefits (e.g. holiday pay, pensions, sick pay).


A Virtual Assistant provides support remotely from their home office, but can also travel to a clients’ office (location dependent). They offer a diverse range of administrative, technical and business support services.


It is estimated that hiring a Virtual Assistant can save you as much as 40% in business expenses (source:


Simply put, a Virtual Assistant is more cost-effective and they go above and beyond to impact your own productivity. No task is too big or small for a Virtual Assistant, even if it’s just 1 hour of work a month, a VA can (and will) do it.


Hiring a VA can actually earn you money – see the example below:


4 hours of VA support @ £30/hour = £120
(You gain this time back to spend on making money for your business)

4 hours of your time @ £75/hour = £300 of earnings


£300 – £120 = you’re £180 better off, have less admin to take care of and your clients are happy, you’ve met that deadline or you’ve generated new business!


“Why didn’t I hire that Virtual Assistant, instead of trying to do it myself?”


Let me give you the one thing you need more than anything and that is…TIME! You can then put that time to good use and start enjoying your business, attend that networking event, take a potential client to lunch, start doing the things you enjoy, and spend your evenings relaxing with family and friends, instead of in front of your computer.


I offer a diverse range of administrative and business support services, remotely from my home office, which include but are not limited to:
• Scheduling your meetings & appointments straight into your diary
• Clear out and organise your inbox
• Maintain your contacts, keeping them organised and up to date
• Organise your next corporate event
• Research and book flights, accommodation, taxis or car hire for your upcoming trip
• Respond to routine correspondence, produce documents, type up minutes/notes
• Online research into the information you need, cheapest option, best venue…


I love helping others, making their life easier, keeping them organised and in control of their workload – allowing them to focus on their business.


As I own my own business, like you, I also want to grow that business, it’s therefore in my best interest to consistently perform above and beyond expectations. I care more about doing a great job than many employees who are just there to earn money.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, and that it’s given you something to think about, a solution to your problems, and I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s have a conversation about how you can move forward in your business with my support, and get that work/life balance you’ve been craving.


Finally, please take a look at my website, and read through my testimonials (some snippets are included below) to see what others have to say.



“Catherine’s attention to detail, forward thinking and organisation skills helped hugely in my role.” Jonathan Roger, MD, Centrica Energy


“Catherine made an immediate impact…she has the skills and personality to make your life better.” Jon Murphy, COO, Venture Production plc


“She was highly efficient, motivated and a real asset to our young and growing company.” Neil Lindsay, COO, Macaulay Enterprises Ltd



Thanks for reading!


Catherine Blackwood
Director / Virtual Assistant


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