Blackwood EA’s 1st Blog…

Blackwood EA’s 1st Blog…

Welcome to my very first blog, to kick things off I decided the topic should be a little introduction to me, and why I decided to set up my Virtual Assistant business.


I launched in July this year, as I was seeking a new challenge following redundancy and decided to put my knowledge and expertise into creating a new business doing the job I love – helping others, making their life easier, generally keeping them organised and in control of their workload, allowing them to focus on their business.


I am based in Aberdeen (Scotland), married with 1 child, and my hobbies/interests are spending time with my family, cars, good food and I’d love to go back to Italy & Canada on holiday some time.


With over 15 years’ experience working in the Oil & Gas industry, of which the last 10 years has been as a Personal Assistant to Senior Executives. Setting up a Virtual Assistant business was an obvious choice for me, I already have the skills and knowledge, it was just a case of making the jump from being an employee to being my own boss. It also means that rather than work for just one company/boss, I work with a number of clients which gives me the variety, challenge and responsibility I crave in my work.


A further benefit to setting up on my own is that it allows me to take control of my work life balance, so I can see my beautiful daughter grow up and spend quality time with her, yet still doing the job I love, all from the comfort of my own home.


It has been an exciting, yet sometimes daunting journey, but I’ve enjoyed every day and learned so many new skills especially with regards to setting up a new business and all of the obligations/commitments that go along with that.


Interested in finding out more, want to see how I could help you, then please take a look at my website, read over my testimonials to see what others have to say or simply get in touch with me to talk things over.


I can offer you the support your business needs, and tailor this to suit your requirements to give you back the time to focus on your business.


Thanks for reading!


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